Rules and Regulations

(Please read these rules and regulations carefully before submitting your entries)

Only programs produced by television broadcasters (terrestrial, cable, and satellite), video-on-demand platforms, television production companies, music production companies, accredited advertising agencies, digital agencies, UPGC Creators, and MCN Operators whose PRIMARY BASE is in one of the following territories [see APPENDIX 1] will be eligible.
Programs co-produced between companies whose primary base is not in one of the territories listed above will not be eligible.

To be eligible for entry, all programs must be broadcast, cablecast, webcast, or posted online for the first time in the Asia Pacific region during the period from August 1, 2021, through July 31, 2022. Proof in the form of a published schedule of the transmission time and date will be required, or a screenshot showing the posted timeframe.

There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted. Each entry is a separate submission and requires its own entry form and entry fee.

Only duly completed entries using the Official Entry Form are accepted. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. In addition, each entry must include the following:

1) An English-language soundtrack or English subtitles or an accompanying script in English if the submitted program is in another language.
2) All required supporting documentation, as indicated in the entry form.
3) Payment for each entry. Entries will not be included for judging if payment is not received together with the entry form.

With the exception of the Performance categories, composite entries may not be entered into the Awards. For all other categories, submitted programs must be completed and entered as originally broadcast. The only permitted form of editing is to remove commercial breaks. Any composite programs will automatically be disqualified.

For all Performance categories, namely: Best News Presenter/Anchor, Best Current Affairs Presenter, Best Entertainment Presenter/Host, Best Sports Presenter/Commentator, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, and Best Actress in a Supporting Role, the following are required:
A maximum 3-minute composite must be included. All selected items must be from the same program of which is within the awards qualifying period.

All submissions using composite entries must also include, on the same file, a completed and unedited program (within the qualifying period) featuring the submitted presenter/performer. It is the decision of the entrant whether or not to enter as a lead or supporting performer, however, performers cannot submit for both leading and supporting categories for the same program.
Performers should be entered in accordance with their lead or supporting role in the eligible entered program. Non-Asian talent submitting under Performance and Technical and Creative categories must hold an Asian nationality, or valid residence/employment qualifications in Asia, or have done at least three TV productions in Asia over the last 3 years.

All entry forms must include the company stamp and must be signed by one of the following: President, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Head of Programming, or Head of Department. The Organiser of Asian Television Awards (“the Organiser”) is not responsible for late, misdirected, missing, or damaged entries.

The Organiser does not undertake the legal responsibility including (but not limited) to the right of portrait, reputation, privacy, copyright, trademark and producing dispute, and so on.
The entrant is responsible for the accuracy of any information submitted. The Organiser assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of those individuals or entities submitting entries pursuant to this notice. All submitting entities and/or individuals are advised to review submissions with respect to correct name credits and other information and that the entrant has credited all individuals or entities who contributed to the creation of the entry that is submitted.

Submission of any entry acknowledges and grants the unrestricted right and permission of the Organiser to use the material, replay/stream the entry, or portion thereof in conjunction with the Asian Television Awards process and ceremony, promotion, and publicity in any medium. All materials, presentations, images, video, audio, print, and any other form of materials submitted become the property of the Organiser and may be used in marketing or promotional materials and the Organiser is granted a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise the copyright, publicity and database rights including the right to use, reproduce, display, edit, copy, modify, transmit, publicly perform, extract and create derivative works thereof, in any media now known or not currently known.
Each entry submitted is represented and warranted by the entrant to be original and accurate and will not infringe upon the personal or proprietary rights of or give rise to any complaint or claim by any 3rd party, including but not limited to claims based on copyright, trademark, patent, defamation, physical injury, or invasion of privacy or publicity. In the event of any complaint or claim relating to any entry is made by any 3rd party at any time, the entrant will fully cooperate with the Organiser in responding to and defending against such complaint or claim, and the entrant will fully indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser from any such complaint or claim including but not limited to all losses, costs, damages, judgments, liabilities, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and any payment that may be due to any copyright owner or other party) arising from any claims, whether or not groundless, which may be brought based directly or indirectly upon the use of the entry. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify without refund of the entry fee any entry that is or may become the subject of any 3rd party complaint or claim. The entrant has represented and warranted to the Organiser that the entrant has obtained the necessary releases from all persons depicted in the entry and that there are no restrictions, limitations, or rights imposed by any persons on the entry. The entry, hereby submitted, may be included in a compilation produced by the Organiser, which is distributed for marketing.


AUGUST 6, 2022
IMPORTANT NOTE: To be eligible for entry, all programs must be broadcast, cablecast, webcast, or posted online for the first time during the period from August 1, 2021, through July 31, 2022. For more information about the rules and regulations, please refer to For a list of category definitions, please refer to promotional and commercial purposes in any medium throughout the world. It may also be displayed on the Organiser’s official websites and at other locations and through various mediums for the purpose of promoting the Asian Television Awards.

The entrant will submit to the Organiser within 30 days of the award presentation all necessary clearances, consents, and releases required, including, without limitation, the consent of the performers in the entry, clearances from the copyright owner(s) and performer(s) of music used in the entry, and, if the entry is based on a literary work or work from another medium, the consent of the owner of the underlying property. In addition, for the “Best Theme Song” category, the entrant grants the Organiser the option to exercise the performance rights and adaptation rights to the nominated songs in this category should the Organiser choose to perform the song(s) “live” at the Asian Television Awards. The entrant also grants the Organiser the option to appoint either the original performing artiste or an artiste of the Organiser’s choice to perform the nominated song(s) and the option to adapt the instrumentation required for the “live” performance of the song(s).

The Organiser will show clips of nominated programs at the Awards ceremony. In the event of your program being nominated, you undertake to deliver to the Organiser, a clip of the submitted program in line with the video specifications provided. The clips must be delivered to the Organiser within two weeks after the announcement of the nominees. It is expected that all nominees will attend the Asian Television Awards ceremonies.

Submissions received after the closing date for the Awards will only be accepted at the discretion of the Organiser and judges. The deadline for entries is August 6, 2022.
In the event that both the broadcaster and the independent production company or webcaster enter the same program, the broadcaster’s entry will take precedence over the entry submitted by the production company and webcaster. Ineligible entries may be disqualified during any phase of the competition. No entry fee will be refunded in the event of duplicate entries, cancellation of entries, or disqualification of entries. All submitted entry materials will only be kept for one month following the announcement of the winners. Materials can only be returned if the entrant arranges fully paid return delivery costs as otherwise, the Organiser shall dispose of the entry materials in any manner it deems fit. Only entries that receive nominations or awards may refer to such nomination or award in advertising and publicity materials.

An entry that is selected for the shortlist may not identify itself as an “Asian Television Awards finalist”, “Asian Television Awards shortlist entry” or the like except when it appears in a program consisting entirely of such films. The Asian Television Awards trophy is the intellectual property, including copyright, design rights, and trademark rights of the Organiser. The Organiser has the exclusive right to and is not limited to, reproduce, manufacture, copy, and sell the Asian Television Awards trophy in any size or medium, and to distribute or exploit the design of the Asian Television Awards trophy or reproductions of the same by gift, sale, resale or license. No reproduction, replica, or other copy of the Asian Television Awards trophy may be made or used by any manufacturer, advertiser, organization, or individual except with the express written consent of ATAR. An entrant who has received an Asian Television Awards trophy shall not be permitted to reproduce a replica of the Asian Television Awards trophy or sell or otherwise dispose of it without first offering in writing to sell it to the Organiser for the sum of S$1.00. The Organiser shall have 30 days to accept the offer.

Submitted videos will ONLY be accepted in the following output
Video Format: MOV or MPEG 4
Codec: H.264 (recommended)
Optimal Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
Optimal Bitrate: 3 to 5 Mbps
Optimal File Size: No more than 5GB for videos 40min and under, no more than 8GB for videos over 40 min
Audio Bitrate: No less than 64kbps
Final Resolution: HD 1920×1080.