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Launched in 1996, Asian Television Awards is the Asian TV industry’s most significant and celebrated event, recognizing excellence in programming, production, and performance.

Determined by an expert panel of over 60 judges from across the region, the Awards comprise more than 50 categories and represent the industry’s foremost recognition by enjoying the support of every major industry player throughout the region. The Asian Television Awards attracts a multitude of entries from a wide range of free-to-air television stations, pay-TV platforms, OTT platforms, independent production houses, and multi-channel network operators in Asia.

In 2005, the Awards moved from a simple ceremony to a Gala Dinner format with the first gala function at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore. Over the next decade, the Gala Dinner grew in scale and size.

As part of its evolution, the Awards became a televised ceremony in 2013 and moved into a 2-day format comprising the Gala Dinner on Day 1 and the ATA Live Show on Day 2. Starting with only Mediacorp and Fox Entertainment in 2013, the ATA Live Show has since secured support from 15 broadcasters in the region covering a footprint of 500 million homes.

In 2018, the Awards progressed onto yet another milestone in its journey to be the ultimate accolade for content and talents in Asua Pacific. That year, the Awards became a rotating Awards ceremony. Starting with Malaysia in 2018, the Awards then moved to the Philippines in 2019. Slated to move to Cambodia in 2020 and Vietnam in 2021, the plans were disrupted as a result of the Covid outbreak.

At its 25th anniversary in 2020, the Awards expanded its reach further beyond broadcast channels by partnering with Twitter and Weibo to bring the live event to millions of fans across the region. Not only had this strategic partnership provided a more immersive engagement for our audience on the social media front, but also allowed for greater levels of interaction between fans and their favorite celebrities.

In the coming 26th edition this 2021, ATA is once again taking the experience to the next level for its social media reach by expanding its partnership to include Facebook. This strategic partnership is a step further toward ATA’s goal of reaching its millions of fans across the region. This has allowed the Award’s social media presence to become a platform for all stakeholders in the industry to engage with one another.

While there are notable equivalents in the U.S. and in Europe, the Asian Television Awards is the only event of its kind in Asia, making it the definitive platform to showcase and recognize quality content productions and talents within Asia.